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Healing Waters Medical Retreat offers a transformative approach to wellness through therapeutic fasting. Our program is designed to support you in making better lifestyle choices, achieving weight loss goals, and addressing various health concerns. Our compassionate team of medical professionals, holistic practitioners, and support staff are dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing, and transformative environment.

Meet Dr. Michaela

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Dr. Michaela is a Naturopathic Physician whose mission is to bring hope to individuals grappling with chronic disease. She guides her patients to trust their bodies and equips them with the tools needed for optimal well-being.

Dr. Michaela is your dedicated wellness partner, providing personalized naturopathic care. 


  • The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (2020)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Concordia University (2016)

Additional Training

  • Medically Supervised Fasting: International Association of Hygienic Physicians (IAHP) (In-Progress)

  • Colon Hydrotherapy Technician (2023)

  • Self Mastery training with James Gilliland (2023)

  • Compassionate Inquiry developed by Gabor Mate (2019)

  • University of the Nations YWAM DTS (2009)

      Our Programs Include


  • Accommodations in retreat house

  • Medical Supervision and Assessment

  • Blood Lab Review Pre and Post Fast

  • Guided Refeeding with Plant Based Whole Foods 

  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy and contrast hydro circuit 

  • Expert Consultations and Support

  • Health Talks and Workshops

  • Daily Gentle Movement including yoga and conscious walking

  • Daily use of facilities: Mineral hot tub, infrared sauna, steam room, cold plunge


What to Expect

  • Upon Arrival:

    • Raw food meals and Juices in preparation for fasting

    • Intake Assessment by a Certified Medical Professional 

    • Blood Lab Review and Baseline metrics 

  •  Fasting Phase

    • Medical supervision and daily vitals 

    • Discussions on Fasting and Health Optimization

    • Daily Gentle Movement

  • Refeeding Phase

    • Medical supervision and daily vitals 

    • Organic and Freshly made Juices

    • Plant-based whole food meals (SOS-free)

    • Workshops and Cooking demos 

    • Discussions on Fasting and Health Optimization

    • Daily Movement

    • Off-site Excursions

    • Comprehensive Analysis of blood work and post-fast metrics

    • Exit Assessment and strategies for lasting results

  • Throughout the Stay

    • Guided Meditation and Evening Circles 

    • Opportunities for leisure, personal reflection, and inner growth 

    • Expert consultations and support

    • Access to Learning Library and Onsite Facilities to enhance detox


What can I expect from a fasting retreat ?

Curbing Cravings

Fasting has shown to be effective in reducing cravings for substances like sugar, tobacco, and alcohol. Through fasting, you can gain the support needed to break free from these addictive habits and establish healthier patterns.

Weight Loss

Fasting can help reset your taste buds, making healthy foods more appealing and enjoyable. This can encourage better eating choices, leading to improved nutrition and weight management.

Respiratory Health

Fasting provides relief for allergies, sinusitis, and asthma symptoms. , you allow the immune system to reset, reducing inflammatory responses and respiratory discomfort.

Improved Skin

Various skin conditions are improved by fasting, including acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. This can be attributed to the reduction of systemic inflammation and the body's detoxification processes.

Cardiovascular Health

Fasting can contribute to cardiovascular health by increasing autophagy, promoting weight loss, reducing blood pressure, improving lipid profiles, and supporting overall heart function. 

Reduce Inflammation

Fasting has shown promise in managing auto-immune diseases and conditions related to chronic inflammation such as Lupus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, and hashimotos thyroiditis. 

Digestive System Reset

Fasting is beneficial for individuals with digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), irritable bowel disease (IBD), and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). 

Alleviate Chronic Headaches

Fasting has been known to alleviate chronic headaches and migraines. By identifying potential triggers during refeeding and giving the body a chance to reset, many experience a reduction in headache frequency and intensity.

Hormonal Regulation

Fasting not only allows fibroids to shrink but also often sets into motion a process in which the fibroid continues to shrink after the fast. 


Fasting has been explored as a therapy for individuals with benign tumors and certain malignancies including cervical dysplasia, lymphoma, and prostate cancer. 

Metabolic Health

Fasting has positive effects on metabolic health, making it beneficial for individuals with type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It can help regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and support weight loss, leading to better overall metabolic function.

And a whole lot more!

Fasting has positive effects on glaucoma, chronic neck and back pain, polymyalgia rheumatic, lymes disease, acute viral illnesses, and more!

Customize Your Stay With These Additional Services Designated to Enhance Your Experience

Inter-Venous (IV) Therapy  $79 - $299

-Myers Cocktail

Vitamin C , Minerals , B-Complex


Detoxifying antioxidant

-Relaxing Cocktail    

Taurine , Zinc + B1

-Immune Cocktail 

Vitamin C + Zinc + B-Complex


Coenzyme for cellular restoration


Amino acid promoting brain health + clarity

-Alpha Lipoic Acid 

       Antioxidant promoting lower blood sugar + metabolism booster


-Multi Vitamins 

-Gut Health

-Liver + Kidney

-Hormone Balancing 

-Skin Health

-Brain Health

-Musculoskeletal Health

-Immune Health​

Functions Testing $99 + Test

-Dutch Hormone Testing

-Neurotransmitter Testing

-Food Sensitivity Testing

-Stool Gut Microbiome Testing​


Laboratory Analysis $79 + Lab

-Comprehensive Blood Panel

-Metabolic Blood Panel

-Full Thyroid Panel

-Full Cancer Panel​

Naturopathic Consult $179

- Comprehensive understanding of your medical history as well as learn skills how to specifically set up your life style and dieatary needs to best suit your personal wellness goals.

-​Constitutional Hydrotherapy $195​


Free Discovery Call 

50% Down for a Reserve a Spot 

$225 one time case fee (non-refundable)

$50 x day per person (50% refund 14 days prior)

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