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Elevate your experience with our certified professionals who are dedicated to enhancing your stay at Nomadic Roots destinations.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or holistic healing, our team of experts is here to curate a personalized and transformative experience just for you.

Choose Additions onto Your booking to Optimize Your Health on Your Stay With Us 

Yoga Classes $100

 - Hour long session of your choice of intermediate to experienced level of yoga teachings to incorporate balance to your stay with us

Massage Therapy $160-200

- 90 Minutes of relaxing massaging of your choice of deep tissue sports massage, Swedish massage or Lomi Lomi. 

Private Chefs $200-600

-Let a private chef cook you a meal based on your health needs and your appetites desires. 

Sound Healing $50-150

-Listen to the relaxing sounds of gongs, sound bowls and organic musical instruments for up to two hours to promote better sleep and rejuvenation 

Inter-Venous (IV) Therapy  $79 - 299

-Myers Cocktail 

   Vitamin C , Minerals , B-Complex


  Detoxifying antioxidant  

-Relaxing Cocktail 

   Taurine , Zinc + B1

-Immune Cocktail 

 Vitamin C + Zinc + B-Complex


Coenzyme for cellular restoration


Amino acid promoting brain health + clarity

-Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Antioxidant promoting lower blood sugar + metabolism booster


-Multi Vitamins 

-Gut Health
-Liver + Kidney 

-Hormone Balancing 

-Skin Health 

-Brain Health

-Musculoskeletal Health

-Immune Health

Functions Testing $99 + Test

-Dutch Hormone Testing

-Neurotransmitter Testing

-Food Sensitivity Testing

-Stool Gut Microbiome Testing

Laboratory Analysis $79 + Lab

-Comprehensive Blood Panel

-Metabolic Blood Panel

-Full Thyroid Panel

-Full Cancer Panel

Naturopathic Consult $179

- Comprehensive understanding of your medical history as well as learn skills how to specifically set up your life style and dieatary needs to best suit your personal wellness goals.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy $195

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